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An angel fallen from heaven

In heaven an angel is nobody in particular.

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I am emma. I dont know what to say about myself as its normally other people saying it. Currenly i am in love with HIM, hence the banners. I am a self confessed slasher. I love itunes and have an odd obsession with the Sims

My friend call me crazy, i hope thats in a good way. I get along with everyone. I can have a lot of friends but only a few close.

I love where i work, i hate study, i enjoy been the legal age of drinking. I laugh too much, i stick christmas decorations in my boss's office. I write with fluffy pens that light up. i can sit at a desk and do nothing. i hate paying more that $5 for a book. i love second handbook stores. i love my sister, i would do anything for her. she sometimes forgets and then says something that makes me think that she likes having me as a sister. i love my dog. i miss my cat. i live for the moment, consequences be damned.

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I pretty much love television, movies and dvds. i also have this little habbit of shipping, i love it and probably wont ever stop. there is no more room in my shelves.

My favourite shows are house, csi, jackass, viva la bam, gilmore girls.
I also have a slight obsession with dvds, why i dont know but thats where my paychecks seem to be going

i occasionally feel the need to write fanfiction, however i am not terribly good at writing so i tend to stick to reading cause i love reading.

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